Hey guys, I'm trying to get an order together.

Hey guys, I’m trying to get an order together. 10mm bore 2mm pitch 6mm wide 32 tooth gt2 pulleys. We have found a custom pulley source and these are perfect for an ingentis belt conversion. Min order is 50 and we wanted to see who all wants some. If you are interested let me know. If you use 10mm rod for z axle 12 will make a full conversion. 10 if not. I’ll be handling the order. So if your interested pm me your address to figure out the shipping. Pulleys will cost 2.30 ea plus post. Just send me your quantity address and you can send me what your total is via pay pay once all orders are placed I’ll order and send everyone their pulleys. If you have a preferred shipping method let me know. I’m getting 12 @ThantiK 10 @Tim_Rastall 10 @Jim_Squirrel 4 so we are up to 36 72% of the min.

10 for me. Sent you a PM.

Thanks for doing this dude!

@Tim_Rastall It needs to be done. And we are all working together. Its the spirit of open source and the 3d printing community. We are a community and helping each other is what we do.

@Jim_Squirrel @ThantiK @Tim_Rastall can you pm me your email mailing address preferred shipping method and quantity. Im creating an order list

oh yeah shipping in my area is limited to fed ex and usps envelope

USPS envelope fine for me.

I am in. PM sent. Goodbye corexy, hello effecient build to footprint ratio!

Why not I say, I’ll be in for 10. PM coming your way.

2mm pitch. These are GT2 profile?

@Dale_Dunn Yes they are GT2. @D_Rob did they give you a time frame on getting the pulleys once ordered?

OK, sign me up for 12, but I plan to try getting everything done with 5.

I’m down for 15 (spares for losing). PM sent.
I’m starting from scratch, but this should be enough, right?

I’ll take 15 as well. PM coming your way.