Hey guys! I'm running the break in gcode but its only operating in the

Hey guys! I’m running the break in gcode but its only operating in the 1st quadrant of the bed. Any ideas? I haven’t made a S3D profile yet, but if someone would send me one as a starting point it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Ran it again… Now it is (and I) throughly confused… It only jerks around in the center… Could it have somthing to do with the ACCEL? I set it down to 200. (It only this this once, it always does the 1/4 thing…)

aaaaaand the video is sideways.

Welp I’m going off to bed.

turn your head :stuck_out_tongue:

You likely are running higher microstepping drivers. So you will need to adjust the steps/mm in the firmware config to add more steps (more distance). That’s why you are essentially seeing a scaled down version of the break in gcode.

Did you go with the sd6128 drivers. If so those are 1/128 microstepping versus the 1/32 microstepping on the standard configuration.

@Eclsnowman No I have the 1/32 ones. Wish I got a X5 GT and those drivers though :frowning: I just started using my X3, so I could have waited…

I did all the configuration in marlin myself so theres probably (defiantly) a problem there.

@Stefano_Pagani did you get things figured out?

@Eclsnowman Yup! I looked at the smoothie settings and set the steps per mm right. Got the Z axis in and I am running the break in code now :slight_smile: Thanks for the help! P.S. do you think you could send me your S3D profile for the Eustathios? It would be helpful as a starting platform.

@Stefano_Pagani what material would you like it for?

@Eclsnowman PLA, PETG, ABS, (ninja flex if you have it). I know ninja flex will be like pushing a rope uphill, but I want to try anyways :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

@Eclsnowman :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot. I will do when I get home.

No problem :slight_smile: No rush
Do it when you are free

@Stefano_Pagani Sorry for the long delay. I just kept forgetting. Give these a whirl. Please note I tried to setup some basic ones. But I almost always tune every print specific for the printed parts feature geometry. But this should be some good medium quality settings. Not too slow, not too fast: