Hey guys, I'm planning my christmas lights and want to know which hardware I

(Antoine Bertin) #1

Hey guys, I’m planning my christmas lights and want to know which hardware I should use. I’m thinking a sub-10m long LED stip outdoor but it should be protected of the rain by the roof. Idealy I would leave it there permanently and use it with home automation scenario.

Which hardware would you recommend? Is 60 LED per meter dense enough? I’ve seen some posts about WS2815 but no real test yet. Also, how should I plan power distribution?

(turgan s) #2

Since noone posted yet, ill give it a try: I think 60led per meter is definetely dense enough, with a diffuser I get ideal organic looking flow through the strip. Not with 30led/meter strips. Ws2812b is enough for everything. I tried different ip ratings but still not sure if ip67 rated strips are durable enough for prolonged outdoor exposure. A 5v power supply should be enough for a 10meter strip depending on how you want to set it up: In other words if you feed in parallel its definetely enough. In series I never tried but its advised to feed 5v to the second of the 5meter strips. All 5v strips come with soldered connection lines in additipn to an additional 5v/gnd plug for this scenario. I run 5meter strips from any powerbank without any visible brightness loss. Regarding animation, I would make sure there are periods of half or quarter brightness in your animation, just incase somebody wants to take a photo with a mobile phone. Its impossible to take any photos at full brightness, the whole strip seems a white blur.