Hey Guys! Im more of a lurker than a poster,

(Jeff Para) #1

Hey Guys! Im more of a lurker than a poster, but today I have something to share!! Ive been into 3D printing for 4 years now and design and build all my own printers. I cant believe how far its come!!

In any case I present to you the worlds FIRST (I think)…

This consists of 17 pieces that at the moment are only all bolted together with 3mm bolts. To match my bathroom color scheme its printed in black and translucent white. It took approximately 75 hrs to print with 2mm sides and bot/top thickness using 25% infill. The sides are 8mm thick with captured nuts, the bottom is 14mm and the top ring is 10mm. I wanted it to be strong. This version doesn’t have an overflow or a stopper - but that what I want for this bathroom. All parts were designed in Inventor and also virtually assembled. Only cost about $40 in PLA to print! I WILL be epoxying all joints as well as coating the inside of the bowl to make it watertight. It is designed to be an under mount sink so when I get my counter top made it will get screwed and siliconed to it. I went with the octagonal design for ease of print and assy. would have been alot more plastic if it was curved - and for my first attempt Im happy with the results.
Thanks for reading!

(Tim Sills) #2

Frick’n show off…

J/K, this is pretty awesome and nice to see something outside of the normal 3DBenchy.

(Neal Grieb) #3

Nice. Certainly different. :slight_smile:

(Step Cia) #4

now you have to 3d print a faucet to go with it :slight_smile:

(Philippe Maegerman) #5

for the faucet

(kenneth rooks) #6

Wow, nice work

(Ian Johnson) #7

What are you doing to make it watertight?

(Jeff Para) #8

@Ian_Johnson Uhm…read above…

(Ian Johnson) #9

Sorry, started clicking on the pictures too soon. I wonder if there would be any issues with epoxy and bathroom cleaners. Sometimes I feel like I put the bathroom sink through a lot of abuse trying to get rid of soap and mineral buildup. Would it be able to hold up to abrasive scrubbing without getting cloudy?

(Brook Drumm) #10

I’m making a big printer that could do this in one print… I think this is a really cool idea.