Hey guys, I'm making a music reacting LED strip and I need some help!

Hey guys, I’m making a music reacting LED strip and I need some help! When I have an orange color (CRGB(255,80,0)) fade away with leds[i].nscale8(fadeVar), it goes to red real quick before going full black. When I do nscale8_video, the orange fades to green at the very lowest (not going to black).

Bonus question: For a project with a lot going on color wise, is CHSV more beneficial than CRGB?

Any help is much appreciated!

Happy to help: what’s the “dimmest orange” you want to fade to before black, in terms of RGB.
Maybe (3,1,0) ?

For the bonus question, I used to use CHSV, as a single variable can change a bunch of colours. Nowdays, I use palettes and get a lot more variation in colours with the same routine.

I’d establish two colors: brightOrange(255,80,0) and dimmestOrange(3,1,0) and then I’d use the ‘blend’ functions to ramp from one to the other.

ah blend! I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes. And Andrew, I think that will do what I want so I’ll also give that a shot. Thanks!

Palettes are very cool, and you can transition from one to the other smoothly on the fly.

I’m working on the same thing at the moment. I’m having no problems whatsoever using
fadeToBlackBy( leds, NUM_LEDS, 100);
this dims all LEDs equally and without any noticeable color change… It’s good to see the other comments though, because now I’m looking into color fades as well…