hey guys .. im looking for the printhead on this video.

hey guys … im looking for the printhead on this video. Does anyone know where to find the stl ???

Look at the Ingentis by @Tim_Rastall ​ : https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ingentis-a-tantillus-variant

Here you go, but that carriage is kind of a piece of crap. I wouldn’t trust the guy who designed it :slight_smile:

Thanks … I’ll take a better look on that Jason

@Eduardo_Ribeiro don’t listen to @Jason_Smith ​, if it wasn’t for the hard work of him and many other talented designers we wouldn’t have this amazing community :slight_smile:

Eduardo: if you want a little inspiration on the many versions and parts available for these type of printers, here are a few resources worth reading over (I am always inspired by all the talented people involved in these family of printers).

1.) Tantillus by Sublime
2.) Tslot Tantillus by Goopyplastic (aka @Brad_Hill ​ who went on to design the LittleRP SLA printer)
3.) Ingentis by @Tim_Rastall
4.) Eustathios by @Jason_Smith
5.) Eustathios Spider 1, 2, and HercuLien by me

Also many other variants like:

A.) Kitten printer by Patrick (GitHub - woolfepr/Printer-Kitten: Portable, Accurate, Open Source 3D Printer)
B.) ShauLienKi by @shauki
C.) Aluminum Eustathios beast by @Matt_Miller ​ (sorry I forget the name of it)
D.) Ingentilere by @Mike_Miller
E.) Open18 by @Joe_Spanier
F.) Mods and oversized version by @Ashley_Webster
G.) Mods by @Walter_Hsiao
H.) Mods by @Bud_Hammerton
I.) Mods by @Helmi

And so many more (sorry if I missed anyone, but typing this from my phone while trying to keep my 3 and 5 year old boys in bed). But a look through the “deviations from the norm” section for inspiration from our unbelievably creative members.

Sorry for the long rant/post, every once and a while I just like to throw out a brief history lesson of all the creative members that have brought us to where we are today. Without all of you this wonderful hobby I fell in love with would have likely been a fleeting one, instead of the constant joy it has become. Thank you all.

Actually i’m still not sure what mechanism on x and y i’ll follow but thank you very much for the advices.