Hey Guys, I'm getting ready to try an use ChiliPeppr for the first time

Hey Guys, I’m getting ready to try an use ChiliPeppr for the first time now. However the polygons don’t seem to match up with what I have in Eagle when I import my board? Is this a bug of ChiliPeppr or just the way it works?

I’ve attached some example photos below. The other thing I noticed was that the pads that I’ve added were changed from round to square pads when it was imported into ChiliPeppr? Is there any reason why this is happening?

Lastly, if I wanted to be fussy about this, is there a way that I can export the board file the way it looks in eagle and then import that somehow into ChiliPeppr to be able to maintain the same look? Thanks guys.

Can you share the brd file?

Remember that when milling all you care about is isolating one net from another. So polygons don’t matter from a trace perspective because you don’t need to remove any material to create isolation. Take the vcc ring for example. By milling the outsides of the path you are creating the trace by isolating from the polygon inside and the net outside.

So I suspect that the end results are consistent.

The round to square is a different issue. Hence i’d like to see the brd file to test.

You can always export each layer from eagle to gcode. And then import the gcode into CP. The eagle brd widget is bypassed then.

@Dirk_Steyn Eagle widget generates gcode to isolate the signals, it’s not designed to produce the exact shapes that you see in Eagle, the clearance between traces will not be exactly as your design … this behavior is by design.
The round pads that render as squares might be a bug, could you share the eagle file or any test file that has the same pads, I’ll see if I can find a quick fix.
There are other ways to generate gcode from eagle files, they normally involve multiple tools, I haven’t tried any of them myself, you can find Youtube videos explaining them.

Hello Justin and Ameen

Thanks for the inputs. I figured that the polygon thing was just the way it works but thanks for the input.

I’ve uploaded the sketch and the board file to Dropbox. See the link below.

Let me know if there are any other questions.


The roundness property of SMD pads is ignored by the widget, that’s why the circles are rendered as squares, I posted this as an issue on github.

@Dirk_Steyn Could you please share the board file you shared with us previously? “Wind Direction”, I wan to test the roundness feature.