Hey Guys im an totaly new with this libary and the ws2812 leds.  I

Hey Guys im an totaly new with this libary and the ws2812 leds.

I got all the examples working and the leds are great. I wanted to write a small sketch (arduino uno) with 16 leds. i wanted the first 7 leds to blink red and the next 2 leds to be solid white and the remainder of the leds to blink blue.

My question is when calling leds(x) can you set a string of them like
leds (0,1,2,3,4) or leds(0-6) ?

No, you can’t - you could do something like leds[0] = leds[1] = leds[2] = leds[3] = leds[4] = CRGB::Red;

You might want to look up how to do ‘for loops’ to avoid a lot of repetitive code. Arduino has lots of good samples, documentation and tutorials on their site.

Or you could make one or more arrays and copy from those. Myself, I much prefer mathematical based sequences because they provide a wide range of effects with minimal code.

You could also define a group of LEDs and use that in a “for loop”. Example here:
This could be useful if the pixels for a group are non-sequential. But in your case it’s probably easier to just use a normal “for loop” with the appropriate start and end values.