Hey guys, I'm a beginner.

(Nurul Rafatin) #1

Hey guys,
I’m a beginner. Quite confused with this: What is actually the difference between K40 and K50 in term of cutting? I wanted to cut wood and acrylic as well, so which one is better option. Does K40 good enough.


(James Rivera) #2

K40 vs. K50 is mostly just power level (40 watts vs. 50 watts). The K40 will cut 3mm plywood in a single pass, and I believe it can also cut 3mm acrylic in a single pass (I haven’t tried that yet).

(Nurul Rafatin) #3

@James_Rivera thank you for your response!

(Ned Hill) #4

You get more power with a K50 over a K40, but also typically a larger cutting area since tube length scales directly with power. I’ve cut upto 1/4" (6mm) ply in one pass with my K40. Just depends on what you want to do as far as what thickness of materials you want to cut and how big of a work area do you need. If you can afford the K50 you can never go wrong with more power and more work area IMHO.