Hey guys, I was wondering round the internet again last night in search for

(X Copter) #1

Hey guys, I was wondering round the internet again last night in search for another 3d printer. I found this which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for but its a little big. How hard would it be to scale the Eustathios down to around an 8-10" build volume?

Also, you kiwi guys, where are you sourcing your parts? From my understanding misumi doesn’t ship to nz

(ThantiK) #2

If you want to scale it down, know that these builds kind of have a grandparent in the T-slot-tantillus design/tantillus.

(X Copter) #3

What do you mean?

(Gus Montoya) #4

Maybe your looking for something like this? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:513955

(ThantiK) #5

@X_Copter – this is the Ingentis/Eusthathios’ grandparent (the printer their designs originated from): http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?279,190661

(Mike Thornbury) #6

You can source most of your parts from Aliexpress. I’m an ex-Kiwi, but order stuff for my Dad in Paraparaumu and for my daughter in Wellington all the time.

You might have to get a friendly American or European for the gears, though, I haven’t seen any with an 8mm/10mm hole, but then I wasn’t looking.

Extrusion is pretty cheap, as are all the fittings, motors, controllers, etc. certainly a lot cheaper than Misumi.

(X Copter) #7

I’m looking for something a bit larger than that Gus.

(X Copter) #8

So, I’ve decided I will build an identical replica of the Eustathios except I will be scale it down to 250x250x250mm build volume.
What’s the original build volume (need it to be exact as I will use this to work out how many mm to take off on the parts)
Anything I should look out for?

(Gus Montoya) #9

You can buy bearings from @Derek_Schuetz He has a bunch that will be useful to you. At half the size I think what he has will fit the bill.

(Derek Schuetz) #10

Robotdigg has most what your looking for the only exception is the 10mm is bearings

(X Copter) #11

Oh and whats the difference between the two versions of xy axis in the BOM?