Hey guys... I was wondering if there was a place to ask questions about

Hey guys… I was wondering if there was a place to ask questions about configuring Marlin? (I’m running v1.0.2-1)
I’m looking to install a SSD1306 OLED I2C screen on a PrintrBoard, but I was puzzled as how/where the SCL/SDA pins are assigned in the source?
I seem only see where to set up the pins for the rotary encoder and the buzzer…

I’ve been crawling through configure.h, pins.h, and all over u8glib to figure this out… where else should I look? (I found the header to arduino mapping through Printrbot’s Github repo, so that’s good… :joy:)

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Probabaly best posted on the Marlin Github - https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues

Agreed, marlin github.

Ok. It’s about time that I made a Github account anyway hahaha

And the pins would be assigned by the board file (assuming you’re using the latest version of Marlin). I think i2c is used for the extrudrboard on the printrboard.

@Stephanie_A Yeah, you’re right. Looking at various Arduino examples of I2C, I don’t see any code in the setup for assigning the pin.
Also, looking at marlin, fastio.h includes a lot of pin definitions too…

Fastio handles pin assignments internally, but not per board. There is i2c support in marlin, so the question is enabling it. Check the issue tracker, and you might need to add your own “driver” if the display is not supported.