Hey guys! I wanted to give my motors a little more juice than what

Hey guys!

I wanted to give my motors a little more juice than what the tinyg can output, so I got a Leadshine MX4660. After looking at the pin layout it seems that the MX4660 doesn’t use the “enable” signal. It does have a charge pump feature which can be enabled or disabled.

Does that mean my motors will always be energized?

The charge pump, which requires a 10khz signal. If I were able to use one of the enable pins from tinyG and with some simple electronics produce a 10khz signal… would I then be able to emulate the tinyG energize feature?

Or should I not worry about it? Maybe having the motors always energized isn’t a big deal.


That looks like it replaces the Tinyg and expects Mach3 with db25 or ethernet smoothestepper. You just need drivers and power for them if you still want to use TinyG and Chilipeppr.

Can you provide a URL you use to evaluate functionality?
I don’t think leaving 6A flowing when you don’t really need it is a great idea - your shop A/C bill could rise considerably.
BTW, the description I am looking at says 20-60V for Vmot.
You will likely get more performance out of higher voltage than just higher current, but you will have to experiment.
Also, I do hope you use shielded wire to your steppers. This will surely increase the EMI you generate.
I see “Automatic idle current reduction to 50%” on the spec, I wonder how they define idle

With @cmcgrath5035 ​ on this one. I have tinyg working with 4amp external drivers just fine.

@Steve_Anken I sort of thought as you about Mach interface, but you could draw many conclusions from this URL https://www.cncrouterparts.com/leadshine-mx4660-4-axis-stepper-driver-p-334.html . That’s why I suggested we all sing from the same sheet. Perhaps the G540 interface mode might work for Ray

I was real close to going for a mach3 setup, but the UX is horrible, steep learning curve on setting up the software. I got the tinyG working in just under a half hour.

I’m actually running a CNC routerparts machine.
I’m using their 420 oz. Nema 23 motors and DB9 cables are used for wiring up the steppers. The steppers will accept up to 4.2A. CNC routerparts recommends the MX4660 for driving and a 48v 12amp power supply.


The DB25 connector on top of the MX4660 is essentially the motor input, Pins 2&3, 4&5, 6&7, 8&9 (step and direction) for four motors. The rest is for I/O which I won’t use on the MX4660 because the tinyG has what I need.

From what I’ve read on the tinyG wiki if i’m going to use an external driver, the must support the same microstepping the tinyG is using. You will set the tinyG and your driver to the same microstepping setting. I’d like to keep using 8x microstepping.

@cmcgrath5035 “Automatic idle current reduction” thanks for pointing that out… maybe i should just hook it up and see if those motors start to cook. I can hook up a meter to see what the idle current draw is.

Otherwise, If anyone can recommend some affordable drivers i’d be willing to try them. Would like something that can handle 48v 4.0A 8x microstepping with some headroom. Thanks!

OK guys I found this !

By the way, you can’t really measure stepper current, unless you have a high quality ($$) clip on pulse ammeter. Stepper drive, even when at rest, is a narrow PWM pulse of current

If anyone was interested, the idle mode will drop the motor current to half of whatever you have the MX4660 set to.