Hey guys, I recently bought a used red and black 500x700 cutter.

Hey guys, I recently bought a used red and black 500x700 cutter. The machine didn’t have the controller so I am attempting to convert it to smoothieware or grbl. It’s a 130w tube with 150w psu, I’ve wired it like I did with my k40 or as best I can due to the differences between the 40w psu and the 150w.

I wired in a pot and connected L to my smoothieboard. It moves and homes fine, test fire works but when I try to run a job it seems to short out the 12v psu I have driving my smoothieboard. The board doesn’t seem affected but the psu light flickers on and off and the tube doesn’t fire. Every time the tube should fire the psu dies.

Only things connected to the psu is leds and the board which I already tried removing the leds to see if power was leaking.

Another thing I noticed when I connect P and G the laser fires right away…I thought p was the interlock.

I’m kind of lost now on what to do or check. Any suggestions?

Sorry about the user name my kids changed the wrong account name now I can’t change it back for 2 months.

We need to know more about your setup to be able to help:

Wiring diagram of power and PWM signal connections?

Pictures of:

  1. LPS showing the connectors
  2. DC power supply showing connectors
  3. Smoothie showing its connections to the LPS

Sure thing, thanks for taking the time to answer.

I will get some pictures tonight after work though it’s a huge mess right now until I have it working correctly.

I did read on another forum that a pot and pwm isn’t possible for my supply. It has 3 pins like on a regular psu for gnd/N/L then one connector with T,L,P,G, IN,5V. Which is different from my k40psu.

I’ll get the info and get back to you.

@Chris_Menchions you should be able to put a pot on the “IN” pin. The photo will help …

Yeah I’ll get them asap. I did have the pot on 5v and in like the k40!

So I tore out all the wires to start over. Here is my plan, let me know what you think!

Need to know exactly what pins on what smoothie your using.
The L pin needs a ground through a mosfets drain. The + on most smoothie mosfets is VDD so in your schematic. In your drawing you may be grounding the VDD supply.
Also insure that the L pin on the rightmost connector is left open.

It’s actually mks sbase not genuine smoothie but pins should be the same. Using p2.4 as stated above and it’s ground. They are connected(tried reversing the wires also ) to L and G on lps.

L left open? That’s where the pwm hooks up on the 40w supply? Or is the 40w completely different beast?

This has me confused as the lps hasn’t got the same pinout as the 40w used on k40 machines.

@Chris_Menchions I suggest posting a picture of the connectors on your LPS, that will help me get oriented.

The only thing that I see that may be a problem is the output (PWM) on your MKS Sbase P2.4. Often the + is pulled up to VDD on the card. In your drawing you have it connected to GND and that would connect the the VDD + pullup to the LPS gnd. I am not sure about this because I do not have a MKS schematic, do you?

Google Photos

You may not want to connect the + P2.4 at all and use another verified ground from elsewhere on the MKS board.

With the machines power off, using a DVM on ohms, see if the + P2.4 is connected to ground or to VDD through some resistance.

I will post pc of the connector! Ok I did try both ways but I’ll show what I mean on my pics. I’ll test the pins also on ohms and report back.

@Chris_Menchions … and a picture of the LPS label with part # might help.

I also noticed when rereading your post:
Another thing I noticed when I connect P and G the laser fires right away…I thought p was the interlock.
Does this happen when there is nothing else connected to the connector on L or H?

Sure but I don’t think there is a label on it with model number but I’ll pull out out and check.

I haven’t tested any other configuration as I was worried about damaging the supply or tube. Figured best to ask the pros first :wink:

Sorry just re reading…I don’t have schematic for the board only pinout. U know what mks are like.

I don’t have anything hooked up anymore so I’m going to wire as per your instructions :slight_smile: I’ll do the pot to 5v in G firstly.

ok no resistance on any of my ohm settings between the 2 fan (P2.4) terminals