Hey guys. I have bought 100cmx100cm chinese laser engraver with 10W laser.

Hey guys. I have bought 100cmx100cm chinese laser engraver with 10W laser. I think it’s Laseraxe as the software that came with it was CNCC 2019. I did some cutting with this software, but the soft is awful to use. I’ve done some reading and I have flashed my board with GRBL 1.1f. Laserweb is now connecting to the machine but I can’t get it to work. I’ve chosen generc grbl machine profile but it doesn’t seem to work. The only thing that is working is jog Y command. but it goes to the right no matter if I tell it to go +y or -y. Could anyone tell me what to do to make it work ?

Hello. First of all, confíg the firmware of your board, correctly. After that, all will be more easy,

Hey, I have manage to get it working. I’ve flashed grbl 1.1f (laseraxe). Now it is working with LaserWeb and other softs but I have problem to make it what I want in LaserWeb4. I put SVG file, I fill in laser power and speed settings, generate the GCode and it is cutting. Problem is when it finishes it stays in the finish spot, doesn’t move to the origin, and there is some odd offset all the time. Also laser power and working speed is not affected by the settings I provide. It always cut with the same speed and laser power (I presume). I think this is problem of right GCode settings but I am all new to this. I managed to determine is that my laser is made by Laseraxe. There is Laseraxe.cncc.mini watermark on board, the arduino controller is AT328P, working area is 100x100cm and laser power is 10W allegedly (it cut’s pretty fast I must say, so prolly legit). If anyone could help me with the settings I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

Good point to start;

Make sure you have laser mode in grbl and use M4 in lw settings, start g code, and M5 in end gcode.

Check the switchs for the 3 axis, also.

I still don’t get it. I have configured grbl with the guide you’ve showed me but it’s still going fullspeed no matter what cut rate I provide before generating GCode. My laser is now switching on and off but always go full power and full speed. I have tried it with GRBLLaser and it does change speed and power according to my settings but in Laserweb it don’t want to listen.

hey i got one of them years ago. i used the software aswel and it was awful so i give up on it. i recently took it out of storage 5 years later. did you get a fix for it yet?

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