Hey guys, I have a quick question.

Hey guys, I have a quick question. I made a chilipeppr widget to run an arduino/grbl setup and it works great. The only problem I had was that I want to run a Nema 23, and the grbl shield got real hot. I went ahead and bought an inexpensive parallel port controller that can handle the bigger stepper.

The question I have is that the parallel port stepper controller has individual enable lines for each axis. I tried tying these to the arduino enable line, but it doesn’t work. I also tried tying them to ground and to 5V. The 5V seems to work, but I am not sure if this is the best way to hook this up.

Thanks for any advice!

Yeah, the grbl shield/ arduino uno pinout use a single enable line. If you are using a pololu style driver, the enable is active low, meaning it should connect to ground to enable the motor, and then to 5v to disable it.

Cool. Can we see your widget? What’s the URL?

Hi John, the URL is ChiliPeppr - Hardware Fiddle

It is of course a work in progress. I mounted a stepper motor on the outboard side of my woodworking lathe. Normally, my lathe can only index 24 divisions. This widget lets me choose any number of divisions and index back and forth around the circle. it is currently set up to send a 1 for a full 360 degrees, so if I send .125, it will move 1/8th of a circle. I use this feature to add ornamentation to bowls and also to construct open segment vessels. You can see one here:

I used the indexer to add the open segments to the ring underneath the top ring.

Thanks for creating such a neat resource!

That’s really cool stuff. I think the use case is great and glad you were able to create your own workspace and to get your indexer widget created. That vase looks really slick.

@Justin_Ahrens splendid vase, love it !