Hey Guys, I am brand new to the CNC world and I have started

Hey Guys,

I am brand new to the CNC world and I have started tinkering with the Arduino Due with the Gshield in hopes to make the Tiny G2 CNC. I have also been trying to muddle through Chilipeppr. I followed John’s instructional video about flashing my Arduino through Chilipeppr - which I think saved me a ton of work. Feel free to tell me that I’m in over my head, but the TinyG just seemed so cool.

Here is my problem: I have my motors set up correctly, my Arduino and Gshield are powered and connected, and my JSON server recognizes my Tiny G - but it has only worked sporadically (usually late at night and only after a lengthy string of expletives). All of my widgets are still in the default settings.

The Gcode window on the left of my screen has the clock which states, “the indicator shows that we are being asked to pause the sending of commands to the CNC controller so we don’t overfill the buffer”. It also shows that steps 1-7 are queued but not completed.

I tried reading through other discussions on this page (IE John Butler’s post) but even after trying those things, I still cant get my machine to move. Suggestions?

The due uses an atmel usb chip from memory. You may well need to flash new usb firmware on it. This is something different from g2core. It is flashed on to the usb chip - not the main processor.

I also found during my trials with a due, that I needed to put a cap across the reset pin to prevent it from being reset when connecting to chilipeppr.

Thanks Justin! I think I may have found a fix. Spoiler alert: This may cause some eye rolls, but I know that part of it was my spotty internet connection and the other part was user error… I pressed play in the Gcode window, and then in the TinyG window I pressed “feedhold” and then “resume”. Followed by a long grateful sigh and many fist pumps as my motors whirred to life!

nice … and welcome to the CNC world.