Hey guys, hoping you can help.

Hey guys, hoping you can help. I replaced my 3D printed effector platform with the injection molded version I was shown. However, the new effector platform is smaller than the original. How or where do I go to update these new effector dimensions for my printer?

Ok, so I found the firmware, updated the params I needed, but now I’m stuck at time.h doesn’t exist. I imported it like the guide says and did the trick, but it’s still giving me a time.h doesn’t exist

@John_Barron_II There’s a case mismatch between code and file name. Did you do the symlink in 2.2? (Or alternatively hack qr_resolve.cpp)

Where’s the case mismatch? Time.h vs time.h I did that one

Yes, that’s the one. Which route did you take, symlink or .cpp hack? If you created symlink, you can verify if it is correct by looking under sketchbook/libraries/:
ls -l ~/sketchbook/libraries/Time/Time-Master/time.h

It shouldn’t show a broken link. Someone noted that symlink did not work in his environment, so he hacked qr_resolve.cpp (or maybe renamed the file) and that fixed it.

I did the symlink first then tried the code change second

There’s an “Import Library” menu. Do you see Time_master after expanding the zip?

I didn’t see Time master, it showed up a just time