Hey guys, here's my machine.

Hey guys, here’s my machine. I built up a CRP4848 kit and did a time lapse of the basic machine assembly. It went together really quick, it took about four days of 3-4 hours of work each. I’d done one completely DIY CNC machine before this based on the plans at http://buildyourcnc.com.

The electronics were the hard part, as I went with the DIY kit instead of the prebuilt one. I’d definitely recommend that route because I feel like I could troubleshoot any electrical issue with the machine now, but it definitely added a lot of work to the build.

I’ve got four 960oz NEMA34 motors run by Gecko 201x drivers. I’m using a Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 HP router, and I operate the entire thing with LinuxCNC.

Since the completion of the build, I’ve added cable management and a dust boot and collection system. I’ve done 1/2" passes in birch plywood at 200 IPM with this machine, and I’m pretty sure it’ll go faster. The only downside is I’ve run out of projects! Highly recommended!

Very cool, man. Seeing all these large format CNCs is making me jealous. I’ve just got a little table top mill. Good for small parts, but not much else.

Nice work mate well done.


Looks god, Nice to se your girl is helping you.