Hey guys. For Arduino, does anyone know of some code for runway approach lights?

(Greg Brown) #1

Hey guys. For Arduino, does anyone know of some code for runway approach lights? Like a series of streaks pointing the way down the strip. I’ve seen some examples for other devices, but because im still pretty new to this unable to modify for arduino. Thanks!

(Marc Miller) #2

Some ideas for you try out. Maybe something will give you some ideas of how to code what you’re looking for.

(Marc Miller) #3

@Greg_Brown if you can share a video of what you’re looking for that might help others help with ideas too.

(Ken White) #4

@Greg_Brown - This chase sketch might be what you are looking for. See:

It is used in this flagpole project:

and two different chase animations can be seen in the flagpole video starting at 2:08.

(Greg Brown) #5

Thank you @marmil and @Ken_White

(Greg Brown) #6

Hey @Ken_White , if it’s not too much to ask, i have a question about using your github site code. i see you have a .ino file (CD77_Chase_Demo) and two other .h files (Chase and Time_Performance). How do i include these files? i tried copying the .h files into my FastLed libraries folder, but after compiling it said “chase.h no such file or directory”. I feel like this is really basic and i just don’t understand the structure, but finding references isn’t as easy as i thought. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

(Marc Miller) #7

The .h files are included on line 25 and 26 in the .ino file. Just put them in the same location as the .ino file.

(Ken White) #8

@Greg_Brown - @marmil is correct. Copy the .h files of this sketch to the same folder that the .ino file is located.

(Greg Brown) #9

Thanks @Ken_White and @marmil got it! Turns out i just don’t know how to use Github – I needed to download the master (which already had the files in the right place). Thanks for the code I’ll be sure to show you my project when i’m done.