Hey Guys, Do any of you have any BotFeeder PLA Filament?

(LogicalWaste) #1

Hey Guys, Do any of you have any BotFeeder PLA Filament?

I can’t seem to find a good temperature to print it at.

As you can see, my current temperature tests (185,195,215) have all had similar results. the 185 one was a disaster and basically fell apart once i touched it after taking this picture.

any help would be appreciated.

(Charles-A Rovira) #2

Your filament is not dry enough to print with. Put the reel in an oven at 95°C for an hour and wait half an hour before trying to print at 210°C with it again. Hope that helps.

(LogicalWaste) #3

@Charles-A_Rovira thanks. I got three rolls from this company. So far I’ve printed with two and got this result. What are the odds I get two rolls of different materials that are both hydrated? I hope they’re not. But it may be.

I should give a trial print with my third roll to see what happens.

(LogicalWaste) #4

I should also point out that the bottom of these prints are great. the first layers went down nice, infill went down, top layers are smooth and great. but when the design does the leaning top part of the stand, it starts with the issue. but the base looks great. would water-logged filament act in that manner?

(ThantiK) #5

Do not put your PLA in the oven @ 95C unless you want a ruined batch of PLA.

At most, you should be around 40C or so.

(Tim Sailer) #6

That looks like underextrusion, and slow down your print speed

(michael hughes) #7

Yep 95 is very bad advice. I put a roll in the oven at 80 by mistake and it stuck together. Also very doubtful wet filament will cause the problem your having.

(michael hughes) #8

Are you using a heated bed

(LogicalWaste) #9

@Tim_Sailer ive printed this gcode a dozen times with other filament with no issues. Not sure it’s under extrusion. Print speed is only 40mms

(LogicalWaste) #10

@michael_hughes I’m printing on a Prusa mk2.5. Heated bed. 55deg.

(Daid Braam) #11

40mm/s is a useless number, without line width and layer height. mm^3/s is what it’s all about.

And different material blends have different heat absorption properties, AKA, not all PLA is equal.

And, there could also be dimensional issues with this filament, inconsistent roundness/thickness.

The slower you go, the more forgiving for all kinds of problems you are.

(Tim Sailer) #12

@LogicalWaste As has been said, check the diameter. If its not consistantly 1.75, but smaller, there’s your problem.

(Hampus Lind) #13

What are the recomended temperatur from the manufacture? I have a plastic spool in a certain color that prints bad with 190-215 but works like a charm at 220-225. But could be some extruding or retraction problem or if you are cooling the plastic to fast also or even hardware issue like loose belts or something.