Hey guys, as college is approaching,

Hey guys, as college is approaching, I am looking to build my self a small 3D printer that can hide under a bedside table or something. My Eustathios and CR-10S are way too big.

Going to absolute quiet as well with X5 GT with steathchop enabled.

I really like walters remix of the mini. could be something to work off of.

I also have over $1000 of linear rail (like 20 300mm tracks) I gutted from high end printers.

Any thoughts.

Dice if you want to build something.
See if you can find a Turnigy Fabricator Mini / Tinyboy Design used. Like this one…this sits on top of my workstation. https://photos.app.goo.gl/XY23a3QPsjUpKMhJ9

I do like my DICE.

Woah that looks crazy nice

Kitten? http://github.com/woolfepr/Printer-Kitten It’s kind of like a mini Eustathios.

there is also the Tantilus Reborn - http://scheuten.me/?page_id=1056
which is also in part of the Eustathios evoluition

Ok I’m building a dice. I have a ton of rails and most of the parts, now I just need to finish my MPCNC

@raykholo yeah I saw you build log. Looks like you got all the parts in a kit? I think I get the panels cut. Obviously trying to spend as little as possible. Currently at $250 (+the panels) if my Azteeg X5 Gt works

René put together a kit of many parts for me. I provided my own electronics, hotend, extruder…
The BOM cost is approx usd 1250 as of last count.

@raykholo yeah I have a ton of parts so I got to $250