Hey guys, a buddy of mine let me know about this.

Hey guys, a buddy of mine let me know about this. If you want a Smoothie Board check out this group buy that Arthur is doing with the Delta group. Less than 48 hours to go. I’m in for a 5x :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a repost :slight_smile:

I made a post there earlier. Thanks for posting the link again since I recheck the OP’s spreadsheet and he got me down for the wrong type. I want a 5XC since the Herculien is going to be dual extruder.

@Dat_Chu I think at this point it won’t matter. As long as there’s enough people buying 1 of their boards he will be giving us a discount code to use on RobotSeed and UberClock for the total purchase.

I see. I tend to do as much due diligence as possible so others can go on about their day. Looks like I just need to hold tight a bit longer.

Exactly what I need for the Herculein…added my request to the chain.

It won’t let me reply to the thread on my phone

I wonder what the untaxed prices would be? I’m assuming they are the taxed prices, because that is only a small discount on what you pay, untaxed, on the website. Anyone outside of a tax zone gotten a price?

@Mike_Thornbury Uberclocks is handling the North American sales. They’re in Oregon.

I’m not. Nor am I subject to any taxation.

Which is why I asked what the untaxed price is - there are only two regions for Smoothieboards - USA and non-USA.

I couldn’t find an untaxed price. But the 5xc is 125 with discount from normally 170.

That’s a serious discount! Thanks.

I added my name to the list for my new build!

@Ryan_Jennings thanks for sharing the group buy with me :slight_smile: