Hey folks, is anybody facing huge lags in Chromium on ubuntu like me?

Hey folks,

is anybody facing huge lags in Chromium on ubuntu like me?

I used to use chilipeppr with chromium on ubuntu 16.10. compiled g2core firmware and Downloaded SPJS.

But since about christmas i get hangs when connecting board to Chilipeppr (checkbox on SPJS widget).
Even after 1 Minute i can’t use chromium (also no other tabs) and when clicking i get notification “chromium crashed”.

I works fine on windows10 dualboot.

Nothing is popping into my head of any change that would cause this. What version of SPJS are you using?

It’s 1.92 64 Bit Linux

I redownloaded it with same Results.

Even v9=true doesn’t solve it.

Maybe the g2core Edge 100.19+ ist causing this?

Try 1.94 https://github.com/chilipeppr/serial-port-json-server/releases

Uhhh, when did that Pop Up?

I will try it tomorrow and will Report Back. Thanks for the help so far.

Also consider launching sjps with the -v switch and not as a daemon. Then track the serial port flow to see what is happening. And you should see any errors that might cause sjps to bail.

As to chromium crashing - can you log the http://console.log output to a file in chromium? If so then you could at least see what it was last doing before the crash.

I’ve been seeing heavy processor usage on my Mac and PC using chrome with chilipepper. Enough to drain my PC in 4 hours (usually an 11 HR battery) and my mac un an hour (usually 4 hrs). I’ve been putting it down to heavy serial port debugging but it may just be that chrome is flogging the processor cycles generally; and chromium likewise.

SPJS should use no CPU when idle, but there was a bug in 1.92 that would cause some looping that would chew up nearly 100% CPU. I’m almost sure that’s licked though in 1.93/1.94. When running a job SPJS CPU usage does go up, but not that bad. On my Raspi I see about 20% CPU consumption on 1.94 when doing short Gcode moves. On long Gcode moves the CPU goes down to almost 0%.

The biggest CPU usage I see is from the 3D renderer in the browser. Second to that is just the overall mass of signals coming back and all the UI updating going on like scrolling the Gcode viewer, updating Axes widget, and rendering buffer status.

Hey, @jlauer and +Justin Adi

i switched to SPJS 1.94 and it did the trick.
can now connect and use chilipeppr again. Thanks!