Hey folks! I'm putting together a gift guide over at Adafruit Industries  for components

Hey folks! I’m putting together a gift guide over at @Adafruit_Industries for components and gifts for those in the 3D printer world. Rather than recommend printers – how would i even limit that list to 10? – I’m going for accessories, boards, and components/motors/add-ons from Adafruit and beyond. I’d LOVE some suggestions!

LEDS (specifically strips), Maybe LCDs?, Wifi/bluetooth/xbee for modifying a printer to print wirelessly? Steppers and controllers (most people tend to want to build multiple printers once they catch the bug?), tools for tuning/troubleshooting (temp sensors, measuring devices…)
That’s all I can think of…

@Nick_Tuttle – very helpful! Many of these things I had on my list from the Adafruit side. Any favorite tools to suggest?

Various hotends? New extruder gears? LCD display with SD card printing? Spare Stepper Drivers? Filament Sample?

Calipers, Dial Indicator, Needle nose, Soldering Iron, screw/hex divers, wrenches, sockets… in general stuff to help make more stuff, typically on a smaller scale

If they don’t have a bed heater, a bed heater. Kapton tape, Blue painters tape (whatever their preference). Tempered Glass sheet that fits their bed. Get this list out quick I need to send it to my wife!

This stuff has been really helpful. Now I’m on the hunt for massively wide blue painters tape, trying to pick a vendor to share. I’d also like to find cool PET sheets like Aleph Objects uses. And i have a section directing folks to the reprap filament suppliers guide

You’re welcome. Good luck! PET sheets would be very nice.