Hey folks, I'm needing some recommendations.

Hey folks, I’m needing some recommendations. I received a request today to come up with ideas for a show that gets presented both in the daytime as well as night time. The evening version is still under heavy stadium lights, but I think strategic placements of LEDs could still be visible. My big issue is the daytime show, out in the sun. How to make something that would be visible from a distance. And it will all be in RED color to boot. So, let the suggestions roll in … what types of LEDs, what experiences you have with daylight lighting that’s still visible … stuff like that. What exactly I will make, I don’t know yet. I’m just looking for what’s possible in terms of lighting, before I start thinking of what can be done.

Hey @Ashley_M_Kirchner_No ​ how big are we talking, and how far away are the audience?

Think of a football field with bleachers.

Right then. Go big. Real big.

That’s the thing, I need to figure out what I can do that would work. There’s the desire to keep things small and light, and the desire for it to be visible. In this particular setting, I don’t think they can go together … something’s gotta give.

Something like these:


Or maybe panels like these https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32709450509.html

I’d look at the big multi led 12v pixels. Easier to distribute power, and brighter. Less resolution though, but that shouldn’t matter from a distance.

@Jeremy_Spencer ​ i agree

@Jeremy_Spencer , do you happen to have a link?

Here’s a selection of 12v pixels