Hey folks, I'm having a bit of an issue here.

Hey folks, I’m having a bit of an issue here. Today I went to do a small job on the CNC and chrome is being incredibly unresponsive. The job itself is running fine but trying to jog the machine into position or any sort of interaction with the browser is extremely laggy. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting this? I’m running Xubuntu. The OS and chrome are both up to date. The computer itself is very responsive and if I open another tab in chrome and navigate some Web pages the browser is very responsive as well. It’s like it’s having a problem running Javascript or something. Any ideas would be appreciated!

I’ve heard there’s still WebGL problems on Ubuntu due to drivers still not being fully supported so it could be that.

I recommend trying Firefox - I run Linux on all my machines and have had little to no problems on Debian or Arch running Firefox 40 or higher.

@jlauer it seems to run fine on my main computer in the house which runs Ubuntu. It seems to be intermittent as well on the CNC computer running Xubuntu.

@Andy_Meyer I’ll give Firefox a shot. I used to run Debian years ago before switching to the Ubuntu variants. Maybe I should try installing it. Would it make much difference considering *buntu is based on Debian?

I doubt it, I think you’ll get a much newer version of Firefox on Ubuntu which is definitely a good thing. On their newsletter they mentioned something about a rework for the JavaScript engine coming up pretty soon, which is even more promising, as well as speedups for CSS rendering, both of which will greatly speed up Chilipeppr and other websites which rely on advanced web technologies. I don’t know when those updates will hit, but I do know I’ve had better luck with Firefox so far.

@Andy_Meyer @jlauer I tried Firefox but the 3D viewer doesn’t appear to work. I ran a top command in a terminal and noticed that SPJS was hogging the CPU along with Chrome. The CPU load was nothing until I hit the check box in ChiliPeppr to connect to SPJS, then the CPU utilization went through the roof. Interestingly, I killed and restarted SPJS and all seems fine. Load average is down where it should be and everything is functioning properly again. I’ll post a couple screenshots. Should I try and replicate the problem with SPJS in verbose mode and post its output?

Can you try the new 1.93 of SPJS. I think this is the same bug somebody else just posted about on the CPU utilization in SPJS and I think it’s fixed in 1.93. https://github.com/chilipeppr/serial-port-json-server/releases

Yes, I didn’t realize I was on a previous build. I won’t bother with the screen shots right now then.