Hey everyone. What power supply are most people using to power over 15amps?

Hey everyone. What power supply are most people using to power over 15amps? I have gotten two 5v 20a supplies off eBay, and to be honest, they are complete garbage. One failed and the other had a faulty cap. Is there a site that sells decent ac-dc converters? What are other people’s thoughts on powering that many leds?

I purchased a few 5V 30A, 20A and 7A on eBay. They all have a AC-DC logo…

There are many different eBay sellers that have the same so it is not about where you buy it. So I always go for the cheapest source and I never had any problems with them !

Maybe just lucky but I also always make sure that I have extra Amps available from any PSU. For example my 7A PSUs are used for a 5A maximum load.

Totally agree with @JP_Roy . Make sure you have a nice safety margin on the Amp rating. Overloading or running your power supply at it’s limit will certainly shorten it’s life.

It’s also perfectly fine to split up powering a lot of leds among several power supplies allowing you to use smaller units. OR to more easily have a good safety margin above the required Amps.

Yea. I think I just got a bad couple then. I didn’t even pull a amp through the one that failed, and the other, the capacitor was leaking right out of the box. I think I’ll try again from a different seller. I was hoping for a laptop style supply that is encased and reliable. Also has no openings that a child can drop metal things into.

I’m extremely dubious of those brick-style sealed ones—horribly inefficient even if they do meet their spec. For the “cage” style ones with screw terminals for input and output, for a very low sample size I’ve had success with Meanwell brand. But most definitely not kid-proof.

I have bought a lot of “Swan” brand switching PSUs from this vendor and never had a failure. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/613696

An interesting alternative are used server supplies just like this one:

However, you have to make your own connectors - or just solder the wires directly.

i got a lot of ten from aliexpress and they worked. i think i only had 2 mess up so far.
“10 piece /lot 5V 40A 200W LED display switching power supply LED power supply 5V 40A 200W transformer 95-265V free shipping”

@Randal_B 2 out of 10 is 20% failure rate! Does that seem on the high side? I have not bought enough from aliexpress to know if that’s normal-ish, but that doesn’t sound good.

Yea, that’s legitimately terrible especially counting my defective two. But people do get decent ones. I have a 12v 30a that has been running for two years now every night. I did get the seller to replace my defective units. Hopefully they will be up to par.

@marmil not for the price I paid for them, and it was probably something I did anyway.

I’ve been running my same three for the past year and they’ve survived half a dozen weekend/week long festivals including burning man.