Hey Everyone, it's been a while since I use my Shapeoko 2 with tinyG

Hey Everyone, it’s been a while since I use my Shapeoko 2 with tinyG to cut a job. So yesterday I fire up my machine to perform a simple cut with a bunch of circles. I notice my tinyG periodically will freeze in mid job. my “SpnDir” light will flash continuously. I bought this board back in late 2014 and this never happen to me before.

My tinyG spec
V8 and 440.20 firmware.

any thoughts on why this occur?

Does tinyG recover (run again) after a reset?
If yes, then I think a limit switch is firing.
Disable all limits and see if this behavior stops. If you run NC limits, could be a loose/intermittent connection.

If tinyG does not recover after a reset, we go down a different path

Yeah mine was doing the same thing and I disabled the limit switched and it hasn’t been a problem since

Hey Carl, yeah my tinyG does recover after reset. I am going to disable the limit swtiches to see if that help. thanks