Hey everyone, I reprinted my guard bracket with ABS,

(Jules Hoehn) #1

Hey everyone, I reprinted my guard bracket with ABS, and the shield fits as expected. I will more than likely need to trim some of the edges that bump the wind screen, but preliminary testing show promise even up to 65 mph.

I have one really big question about plastics that I hope someone can help with. Many of you are more experienced with different kind of filaments than me :).

This design uses a tightly measured ring with a bolt and nut clamping mechanism to secure the bracket to the bar end weight (you can see it in the photos where it attaches to the bike). Does anyone know if ABS, PLA, PETG or something different would be the LEAST abrasive to the paint coating on the metal bar-ends? I originally printed this in TPU, thinking that the flexible filament would do the least harm, but the weight of the shield caused everything to droop and bend too far. ABS seems sturdy enough to handle the wind, but I dont want to scratch the crap out of my bar-ends with the way the plastic attaches.

Will I be ok with PETG? should I CAD the bracket a bit bigger and slip a sheet of TPU in between the end weight and the ABS/PLA/PETG bracket mount? Is there another magical soft but rigid filament out there?

Any help or insight would be super appreciated! I would love to avoid scratches and rust! thanks!

(Jarrid Kerns) #2

Not sure, but if you are really worried why not add some felt top that area or other soft material?

(Chapman Baetzel) #3

or duct tape. I’ve had an ABS-printed toll transponder clamped to the handlebars of my bike since 2011, and it hasn’t scratched what is underneath. Powdercoat i think. But it has also only been removed once and does not block as much wind. I ride every day with no windshield.

(Jules Hoehn) #4

Ya that would be the safer bet. Don’t really want to re cad everything if I don’t have to. Anyone got specs for plastic hardness?

(Jules Hoehn) #5

@Chapman_Baetzel good to know. Thanks!

(Daniel Kruger) #6

I was thinking a layer or two of black electrical tape would protect from scratches and squish some to help keep it from moving around. I was serious about patching and smoothing with acetone.

(Andrew Hodel) #7

It won’t scratch if the metal of the handlebar is powdercoated and the brush guard is secured well enough that it doesn’t rotate on the shaft.

Powdercoating, done right, is amazing.

(David Herrera) #8

Foamy works very nicely for things like that. Glue it with super glue to the ABS, and then tighten to your pleasing. Just make sure you leave a gap of about 1mm to fit the foamy in. It will compress.

(Kobus Van der Walt) #9

We use a lot of ABS goo take old failed prints and make a goo. it melts the piece together - similar to PVC glue or pipes.

(Jules Hoehn) #10

Thanks guys, I touched up my part in cad and printed a TPU gasket / colar / sleve to insulate the abs from the powder coating. If that doesn’t go well, I will probably wrap some electrical tape around it. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions!