Hey everyone, I need some help.

Hey everyone,
I need some help. But before that I will say that I should have chosen a simpler printer for my first one :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I just finishing build a Legacy Kossel, and have managed to do a few things right, I got it wired up correctly for starters! It homes with G28 command now, after nearly taking the endstops out on the first go.

The main problem I have is measuring the Z home position, I tried to do demo print once it homed, but it just send the hotend straight into the build platform! Anyone out there have one of these and knows a way around this?

I also managed to jammed my extruder before I even got to print. Any help is much appreciated.

  1. In Repetier -Host: use the Config - Firmware EEPROM Configuration (Alt E) to change your z position - start off with a measurement 50 - 100 mm above the bed and work your way down to the bed.
    you can do this with the following:
  2. In Repetier -Host select G-Code Editor - there is a drop down - select any one of the scripts - say Script 1
    Type in two steps:
    go f 8000 x0 y0 z300

3.Now go to Printer->and select Send Script 1
The printer will now move to the the z position z300 of the script
Measure the distance from the tip of your hotend to the bed and add the measurement to 300 ( the script 1 z amount)
Now go back to step one and do the change z in EEPROM to your new calculated height.
4. to test repeat step 2 with your new calculated z height

The computer must be connected to the printer for step 1 to work

In Pronterface you do not have the the EEPROM functionality - you need to upload using Arduino

Hey @Herman_Steyn thanks for your reply. Does it matter what firmware I use? Using Marlin at the moment, with Pronterface.

I have nearly got it on marlin and pronterface. Although the number are strange, and I think its because Im using filament to drive the carriages? Its arching up instead of into the board now :slight_smile:

calibrating the printer - http://minow.blogspot.com.au/