Hey everyone, i had the need for some more effective cooling today and as

Hey everyone,

i had the need for some more effective cooling today and as my custom carriage is still some time away i quickly did a new fanduct that offers some more concentrated air flow. It might not fit your needs but it does work quite good for me so i thought i’d share it.

See some render pictures attached - the duct is just the yellow part obviously :slight_smile:

The stl file is here: http://hel.me/eusthatios_duct and here’s he Step-File which should hopefully work in your favourite 3D CAD: http://hel.me/Euthatios_Duct_step - let me know if you need anything else.

Regarding the print I did mine in Colorfabb XT CF 20 (PETG with Carbon fibre) and printed it upright without support (there’s just one small bridge that is a bit of a challenge, everything else is quite easy to print.

The hole on the left works with the screwhole in the default carriage but works the other way around i just attached it with a slightly smaller screw, therefore the hole in the duct is only 2mm.

Looks great. Mind sharing the step?

of course not - added it to the top post.

@Helmi thanks. I am gonna print this today to test on a tricky long span bridge part I have been fighting :slight_smile:

Great, @Eclsnowman - looking forward to hear if it worked for you too.

@Helmi I took your design and modified it for the E3D Volcano. I am really surprised that more Eustathios/HercuLien builders aren’t using the Volcano. It is posted here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1066144 (STEP and IGES files included). I haven’t printed this yet.

@Bud_Hammerton i have the volcano upgrade set lying here but didn’t have a need to use it until now. What are you printing primarily that gives you a need for it? Maybe i’m not printing big enough all day :slight_smile:

Theory is that with a larger hot zone, you could technically print faster. Not always about bigger.