Hey Everyone I am wondering after you autolevel the board.

Hey Everyone I am wondering after you autolevel the board. I go back to x0 y0 orgin. my z height isn’t at zero. Should I probe it to zero ? or just set machine zero? what is the best course of action? I don’t want to ruin the data that I have obtain, so I am not sure whether I should use the touch plate to probe it or just level it and run the job.

I have loaded the probe data into my current Gcode. Also my first probe point isn’t at X0 y0.


If you re-read the “Run” tab explanation it has your answer. “The first point probed (the Start At position) will become your default Z0 position. A G28.2 Z0 command is issued after the first probe to set that as your Z0. All other probe locations are offsets of the first position.”

So, your 0 position is all set for you after probing. If you change it via something else like the Touch Plate you will ruin all your hard work. Now, of course all your probe positions are saved in the Auto-Level widget in the upper right triangle menu so you can use all your data again without re-running the probe, but make sure your x/y 0 position is the same or the whole thing will be off.

suffice to say I can manually move it back to x0 y0 and z0 than start the job? , or should i also press [set machine zero] before I start the job?

Sorry about this stupid question, I am on my last copper clad… so I just want to be extra sure iam doing the right procedure.

thanks again for your help john

You can just start your job. You would ruin it if you were to “set machine zero”. You don’t need to move back to any position either. Your gcode should just tell it where to go next.

great thanks for the tip