Hey everyone, I am researching the best standalone options for driving an installation of

(Paul Anthony Odenwaldt) #1

Hey everyone,

I am researching the best standalone options for driving an installation of LED strips from MadMapper. I have been designing my sequences by outputting MadMapper to a Teensy via the FastLED library. This community has been a big help so far, so maybe you can help me further!

The installation has 1000 pixels using APA102, and needs to run from a standalone controller with a SINGLE output. (The physical setup allows for no entry point for an additional input.)

So far, the options I have found either do not control enough pixels per output, or do not run standalone. I am hoping to avoid using two separate pieces of hardware, i.e. a DMX recorder/player with a separate DMX-SPI LED controller.

For reference, I have been looking at the following, both of which seem well thought of, but neither of which work for this project:

DMXKing LeDMX4 (has standalone output, but only 680 pixels/output)

Advatek PixLite 4 Mk II (has 1024 pixels/output, but no standalone mode)

So instead considering options such as:

Standalone DMX output: MiniMAD ($210) or Chauvet DMX-RT ($110) for


DMX-SPI controller: Advatek PixLite ($130) or other generic from Amazon

Is there nothing out there that does this in one box?

If not, are there any other options people recommend?

(Jeremy Spencer) #2

You might find it difficult to drive 1000 APA102s in a single strip. It seems that the clock and data tend to go out of sync.

There’s lots of posts on this subject

(Tom Schubert) #3

Madrix has a few options in a single box but your limitation (as you’ve found) is going to be the universe output and your single input.

For stand alone player\controllers they offer the Plexus and the pixel specific Nebula, which can run ~1360 3 channel pixels.

(варешяф рйезот) #4

1000 pixels - it is 6 universes. One universe in DMX it is 512 channels, but we need 3 channels for each led. Thats mean, that we can drive 512 / 3 = 170 leds for one universe.
Try to look for ESP Pixel Stick and Falcon Pi Player (raspberry Pi software)
Thats no “all in box”, but it works well for many people. Sorry for pore English.