hey everyone , here there something  ..

hey everyone , here there something … Comparison of Abs vs Pla …

different materials but same object :slight_smile:

I hope you won’t mind some constructive criticism, because I find this short video actually worse than devoid of content because it is presented as if there is something that can be concluded from this test, which may be quite misleading for some.

Since every material is different with regards to ideal deposition temperature (which varies with regards to print head speed, active cooling, model geometry, etc.), dimensions (average diameter, “roundness” and variability of both), extrusion multipliers, ideal extrusion width to layer thickness ratio and numerous other variables (most of which are interrelated), to pretend that printing two objects with the same exact settings is any kind of valuable test demonstrates a lack of understanding of the many variables involved and misleads at best.

Any experienced fabber jockey (I think I just made that term up) knows that a number of parameters must be dialed in to get the best results out of a given material and probably changed somewhat for different models, print speeds, etc. A truly experienced user can then perhaps make some generalizations about the quality of the filament (outside of gross factors like diameter consistency) based on its performance when the machine and settings have been dialed in to their sweet spots, most notable being perhaps the size and accessibility of those sweet spots.

Sorry for the rant, but this video is not doing the community any kind of service in my humble opinion.

To summarize @John_Davis , your PLA prints didn’t get enough cooling and thus looked worse then they could have looked if you used a different printer or settings.

From experience different colours and different suppliers of the same material need different temperature settings to get the perfect print, they also have different characteristics of flexibility and bridging ability. it seems more likely this guy just got lucky on his settings for one filament, which he then declares the best, rather than the others actually being bad.