Hey, everyone! First of all,

Hey, everyone!

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for this amazing community and all the sharing that has been of great help in my journey of learning more about the leds.

I’m controlling 5 strips of 60 leds each. On the Arduino side, I’m using FastLED + Artnet Wifi and sending the DMX data from Processing, to control over wifi an ESP32.

I have all the pieces together. Resistors, level shifter, 20A power supply, capacitor…
So far, everything has been working great, but sometimes I notice a certain delay/“glitching”.

My router is a good Netgear Nighthawk, so I don’t think wifi is the problem. Is it?

Any advice on what could I do to reduce the delay?

Thank you!

Welcome! Do you notice any glitching when you’re not sending data? Might help to see video of the issue, if you can.

hello @Advan_Shumiski are u using parallel output ? That will reduce the time of display of your leds hence allowing a smooth broadcast of the universes
60x5=300leds hence two universes max
So normally it should be ok.

@Jason_Coon Hey Jason, thank you! I’m glad to be part of the community. When I say glitch, It’s more like a lag when receiving the data, so you can see sometimes a jump on the frames and it ‘cuts’ part of the animation. I’ll make a video!

@Yves_BAZIN Hey! So, for now I was just mirroring the data of one strip to all the 5, just to test. Still the broadcast have some lag and miss a few frames to times to times.

@Advan_Shumiski could you post your code on gist so we can have a look at it ?

@Yves_BAZIN So, at the end, it was just some poor wifi signal. I used disconnected any internet connection from the router and it worked like a charm!

@Advan_Shumiski great enjoy!!!