Hey Everybody. So tried to print out my first practical / functional item last

Hey Everybody.

So tried to print out my first practical / functional item last night being a filament holder from thingiverse

Unfortunately the dove-joints have come out completely incorrect, the male part too large (there’s a complaint you don’t hear to often) and the female too small.

It doesn’t appear to be an X or Y issues (unless they are both out) as the female connector is too small, but the same size, on all 3 points of the hub piece.

I’m assuming when using multiple perimeters the outside perimeter is meant to match the measurements/dimension of the item printed? Addin perimeters isn’t changing the items external dimensions.

  • so much to still learn *

P.S. Anyone got a good link to learn the basics on OpenSCAD? Opened one, looked, closed it.

I think that may be the design, I printed it on my CNC machine which I converted to a printer temporarily to make printer parts. The machine is very well calibrated dimensionally and I had the same problem you describe, with that same “thing”. I ended up using a file to get them close.

To really be sure you’d have to measure the ends in a cad program or something like netfabb and see what the actual dimensions are.


That should get you started.

Be warned, very few designs on thingiverse account for little things like clearance and the finite precision of various machines. Far too many assume that a 10mm diameter pin will turn freely in a 10mm diameter hole.

OpenScad 12 part tutorial on the Makerbot Blog http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2011/01/19/openscad-basics-the-setup/