Hey Everybody, Is there support for the UCS2903IC chipset?  Found some interesting leds which have

(Jonas Vorwerk) #1

Hey Everybody,
Is there support for the UCS2903IC chipset?
Found some interesting leds which have this inside:

(Daniel Garcia) #2

There is now - I’ve added the timings for the UCS2903 to FastLED@master.

(Jonas Vorwerk) #3

Super, thanks!!!
I’ll order those led’s right away.

(Jonas Vorwerk) #4

Do you know the performance differences between w2811 and P9813?

(Daniel Garcia) #5

The WS2811 chip uses an 800khz data rate, it takes about 30µs to write out one led’s worth of data, while the P9813 has up to a 20Mhz data rate, so ~25x faster, though in actuality the difference will be lower because of a combination of generally running at lower data rates (20Mhz is a theoretical max), and because P9813 writes 32, not 24 bits for each led. Still, though, P9813 is faster - however, personally, I find its data protocol a bit annoying and prefer the APA102.

Other considerations - the WS2811/WS2812 only has a 400hz pwm refresh rate. The P9813 has a 4.5khz refresh rate, while the APA102 has a 20khz pwm refresh rate.