Hey everybody, I'm part of a team of mechanical engineering seniors at the University

Hey everybody,

I’m part of a team of mechanical engineering seniors at the University of Maryland trying to develop a solution for reducing and possibly recycling waste filament in 3D printers. We’re trying to get some data on the market size and possible price point of our product and would greatly appreciate if you could fill out our 5 question survey. It should take you less than 2 mins, honestly. If you have any other feedback please reply to this post.

Thank You so much.

Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10Sxl216TkQo850EDPbB_H92ap1FUiT4CuRYatvsyMK0/viewform

have you checked out the FilaMaker, FilaBot, Lyman Extruder, Makible Ramen?

Yeah, we’re also doing some competitive benchmarking at this time. I hadn’t heard of the Makible Ramen though, thanks. I’ll be sure to look into that.

The how much do you pay per spool should probably be clarified to ask about the per kilogram price. Spools come in various sizes from 500g to 2.2kg.

would like to have left some comments on the survey. I go through 10 pounds every 3 months or so, and while I converted to the kilograms for my answers, I would like to have clarified so for the survey.

Thanks, ill update that now.

Chapman, i’ll add a comments question, and your answer of 10 pounds every 3 months came through so we’ll take that into account. Thanks.

You are welcome. Agile software development’s interative philosophy spilled over from my work into this hobby, and so I have a lot of printed parts that I don’t need. The people I buy filament from can melt them down and re-extrude new filament, but they said it is not worth heating up the machines unless I have a lot of it. I’d be interested in a smaller-scale solution, as the boxes of printed parts are taking up space.

Sounds good. I’ll be sure to update you on our project in the future if you’re interested.