Hey Eustathios Spider builders,

Hey Eustathios Spider builders, did anyone who ordered Ball Screws from Golmart need to redesign the Z_Axis_Bed_Support to accommodate the larger Ball Screw Nut? The original BOM lists a Misumi lead screw which would accept either an MTSFR, MTSGR or MTSNR Flanged Lead Screw Nut, all of which are significantly smaller. Fortunately I did not pre-print that particular part and comparing the model file to the actual part tells me it doesn’t fit. Aside from the very obvious moving of the mounting holes, the overall Ball Screw Nut is bigger. If someone else has already done the redesign I would appreciate a link to a copy. If not I will take the one @Walter_Hsiao designed and modify it accordingly. Just trying to save myself a bunch of work/delay.

I haven’t made one yet but the one by @Walter_Hsiao ​ is really nice. I would probably go with that one. Do you mean you’re going with a larger nut than the one Walter has? He’s using the ball bearing lead, and looking at the layer stacking he’s getting on his prints I wish I’d gone that way too.

His doesn’t match the GolMart part. So It looks like I will be doing a slight mod. After I am done I’ll post the source files.

Weird. He was the one who suggested golmart as a source.

It does match. His part was designed for 1004 ballscrew. Fits like a glove

I don’t see a 1004 ball screw from Golmart, I see a 1204, and I see that he only used 4 of the 6 mounting holes. So where did he source that if not Golmart?

My bad, 1204.

I just saw that on Thingiverse.

Except he must have built his bed differently. If you look at the actual model, not the photograph you will see that he used mounting holes in sets of three, which simply doesn’t make sense when your Bed only has a single width 2020 extrusion.

I am not even sure, since it’s obscured by the perspective, that the photo matches the model.

I am re-downloading his STEP file to make sure I didn’t mess with it at some point and forgot. But I’m still thinking a simplification may be in order.

I think the sets of holes was to give options for mounting heights.

I see what the issue was, as I mentioned and forgot. When I first downloaded and imported it I modified it for use of a leadscrew. Then promptly forgot about it, since I did that over three months ago. Now that I have the Ball Screws, I went to print it and saw that it didn’t match. Totally my fault for not remembering what I did.

In any case, while we were trying to figure out my stupidity. I modified his design slightly and changed some of the aesthetics. Didn’t like that the LM10LUU was not totally encased and added the remaining two mounting holes for the flanged nut. My first attempt is printing as we type.

Yeah the extra holes are for adjusting the bed height, I wasn’t sure how high I was going to mount the hotend when I designed it. I ended up needing the extra holes when I changed the extruder (currently using the middle row). Enclosing the bearing will probably decrease the z-build volume by about 15mm if that’s something you care about. I don’t think I’ve used more than half the z-build height myself.

I’m also on ordering ballscrews. Is the Z_Axis_Bed_Support the only thing i have to change in printed parts? @Walter_Hsiao may you provide a direkt link to the ball screws you used? Is there any difference in Measurements (46x8mm OD Step, 425mm length)?

You can just ask the seller to machine them the same way as leadscrews. This way they will be drop fit for existing lower holder and use Walter’s parts for upper

Thank you @Igor_Kolesnik . So same dimensions in length and od-step.

+Florian Schütte The original leadscrew has 2 mm/rev so you need to take that in to a count (ballscrew is 4 mm/rev). One side faced other machined to L 46 mm OD 8.

@Florian_Schutte The original leadscrew has 2 mm/rev so you need to take that in to a count (ballscrew is 4 mm/rev). One side faced other machined to L 46 mm OD 8.

@Florian_Schutte I ordered direct from their link for a 450 mm Ball screw, http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ballscrew-RM1204-L-450mm-with-end-machining-Single-Ballnut-for-CNC/1588701082.html as 450 mm is long enough I did not ask them to cut it down in length, just to machine the ends per PDF drawing. I had to attach the PDF to the order. Price remained unchanged from the link. I asked them to invert the nut, but they did not. So be prepared to print this item from Thingiverse (thank you @Walter_Hsiao ) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:809141. Also the little bit extra by using 450 mm that sticks out the top does not interfere with any of the gantry mechanicals.

@Bud_Hammerton Invert the nut?