Hey Eric Lien could you help me find the right part number for the

Hey @Eclsnowman could you help me find the right part number for the the lead screws, seems MTSBRB12-425-S46-Q8-C3-J0 is no longer valid.

I will look into it. But to be honest I would likely go with the GolMart ballscrews now. The price is cheaper and Quality is very good.

@Eclsnowman so I should just go with these

@Amit_Patel that is the one for Eustathios correct.

This is the one for HercuLien: RM1204 Ball Screw L480mm Ballscrew With SFU1204 Single Ballnut For CNC Processing length can be customized

@Amit_Patel I would also go with the ballscrews. Just make sure you print Walters ball screw clamp.

@Stefano_Pagani I estimate I am about one month behind your build. I just finished tightening the frame assembly and installed Z-axis last night. I will be watching the live stream @Eclsnowman hosted to help with your alignment before I attempt to install X-Y.

I also went with the ballscrews and Walter’s clamp. I mounted the grease fitting holes pointing out as Walter suggested, but my ballscrews just have holes, no zerk fitting.

One of my ballscrews has grease pouring out of the hole, the other is clean.

Did your ballscrews come with zerk fittings, did you add them, or just leave the holes open? The hole is M5, so I added a setscrew for the time being to keep grease in.

@Benjamin_Liedblad Mine did not have fittings. I just left them open. I took a few apart (and broke them) and the hole just leads to the threads. Wipe off any excess grease and you should be good. I topped both off with vasealine when they are getting low, but you will be fine.