Hey Daniel, I know the library works great within the Arduino IDE.  How complicated

Hey Daniel, I know the library works great within the Arduino IDE. How complicated would it be to pull it into Atmel Studio 6 environment? Note: this isn’t something I need, want, nor wish for to happen right, this, second (or even in the near future.) I’m just curious. I do plan to eventually switch over to AS6.0 (probably in the next 6 to 12 months if I can manage), but with the myriad of libraries that I use within the Arduino IDE, I don’t know how much of a headache I’m inflicting upon myself here … might have to just shoot me first.

That was one of the motivations behind the rewrite. I’ve tried to make sure and minimize the amount that I rely on the arduino headers (in fact, there should only be a small amount of code in the pin classes that fallback on the functions for translating pins to ports/masks - but I think i can make that conditional, and just require explicit pin/port definitions on non-arduino environments where I haven’t already set up those mappings).

Hell, this whole library has its roots in discovering the various inefficiencies in arduino libraries in the name of simplicity for end users (and/or expedience for library writers).

(Oddly enough - that’s the piece that’s taking me the longest with the rewrite now - trying to present an interface that will be easy for new users to work with while providing all the power/flexibility that more advanced projects/developers will want).

Awesome. Like I said, it’s not something I plan on doing right this moment. Since in AS6 I’ll be writing raw code, I don’t have any of the benefits of the Arduino libraries (such as SPI or Wire, or Serial), so I have to systematically go through each one and see what I can port, or what needs to be rewritten. Some people have indicated success with using them as is … I haven’t tried yet.

The other motivation is I have other platforms i’d like to consider supporting - and need to be arduino-library dependency free (platform dependent headers conditionally included are fine, though!). Things like the msp430, for example.

I’m hoping to eventually make the SPI portion of the library fully configurable and two way, as well, for non-led project use.


(Time - i need to find someone to pay me to do this full time :slight_smile:

Or convince the world to switch to a 36 hour day. :slight_smile:

heh - i used to do that in college - ~30-36 hours awake, 12 hours asleep. I’d get so much work done, but randomly be completely out of sync with everyone else.

Alternatively, I need to convince my company that they want to pay me what they’re paying me now for 3 days/week :slight_smile:

That may only be possible if you’re working for a company that only deals with LEDs in some shape or form. And if they’re nice enough to let you do that … otherwise, you’re screwed. I suspect the latter …

There are some other options :slight_smile: - just need some more time.

Winning the lottery comes to mind …