Hey community, why is it that when I slice my model using slic3r once,

Hey community, why is it that when I slice my model using slic3r once, I get bridging along the long axis and the next time without changing the model or slic3r settings I get it across the short axis!?

What model? And slicers don’t change the geometry of the part so I don’t understand why there would be a difference.

Can you post a picture of what you are seeing? Is the position on the bed different between the two slicing sessions?

The part was placed on the print-bed in a slightly different position (but same orientation) on the second pass (I’m on the limit of how big I can print) and I was using Slic3r 1.2.9 With Repetier Host 2.0.5 Linux, but it also does it with my other half’s Mac Mini setup. I can’t remember the slic3r version on that thing.

Anyway, the model and .stl files are all on thingiverse as ‘Stackable Cassette Rack’ and the Base has
Slots under it which are the issue.

Just to confirm, your issue is with the base file and bridging the pockets on the underside?

@Adam_Steinmark Yep! It’s not stopping it printing but a 120mm bridge seems a bit riskier than a 25mm one.

Whatever way I orient the part it bridges the long way, guess it’s a deficiency of the slicer. My biggest issue is there’s no print time estimate though.

I see. You are talking about the hollow sections under the base. Does moving it around your slicer just happen to tilt the base slightly? If slightly tilted in Y it will bridge across the short span. Is the quality of that under surface critical for you? I can send you an STL file that will bridge on the short direction every time you slice it.

Odd, isn’t it! As it happens, I drew the base in it’s correct printing orientation and so, no I guess. I suppose I could put a draft on the ceiling of those pockets, and of course there’s other slicers. I think I’m going to take a look at IceSL. IceSL looks intriguing.

Has anyone tried IceSL?

I was not able to duplicate the long bridge slice. But I can understand what you are talking about. In my standalone (PC Win7) version of Slic3r 1.2.9 (not sure how it is different than yours) it slices across the short span every time no matter what I do. It also auto flattens so a tilted model is not the issue or the solution. I get a short span bridge in all versions of Cura and in Simplify3D.

If you modify the file simply select the top inside surface and rotate it 1.5 degrees around X so it slants slightly up in the Y direction and then drop it about .5mm in Z to maintain a good thickness at the high end. It will always slice across the short span that way.