Hey can we talk about what might be going on with this https://i.gifer.com/JKm1.gif I

(Julia Pak) #1

Hey can we talk about what might be going on with this https://i.gifer.com/JKm1.gif I also found a close up view of the LEDs used here… looks like ws2812. Ill post a pic in comments

(Julia Pak) #2

missing/deleted image from Google+

(Julia Pak) #3

Up close
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Marc Miller) #4

What are you wondering about?

(Chris Parton) #5

It would be interesting to see where they’re injecting power and what power supplies they’re using.

They might be controlled by a bunch of Arduinos or ESP boards synchronised together with an external clock or signal, or it could be some custom board or Light-O-Rama.

I’d love to learn more too!

(Julia Pak) #6

@Chris_Parton I suspect they’re using the cars battery? And probably cars computer

(Julia Pak) #7

@marmil lots of things… specifically how it’s programmed and powered. I speculate it’s programmed to the cars computer and battery but interested in hearing other opinions

(Leon Yuhanov) #8

Most likely they are using a High end DMX board like https://www.advateklights.com/pixlite-control/ with a VJ suite like Resolume / MadMapper or Touch Designer. They were using WS2812 in I THINK 90ppm or 60PPM strips on this car. There is a car stunt company in the US that has several race cars decked out like this, whats better is they move around and do stunts!

(Marc Miller) #9

I would guess it has it’s own power system so it can be isolated from the automobile’s electrical system. Plus with 42K LEDs, when they make the whole thing pop white that’s a lot of Amps.
Software such as Madrix, MadMapper, Resolume or others with DMX output could be good for mapping patterns/video onto the car.

I would love to see some photos of the wiring.

(Julia Pak) #10

Me too @marmil

(Thomas “Balu” Walter) #11

I’d be more interested in the poor trainee who had to stick all these strips to the car while keeping them parallel :wink:

(Reko Meriö) #12

The amount of time to wire those must be insane :smiley:

(PaulStoffregen) #13

Someone who worked on this project contacted me to let me know they has used Teensy and custom written code on the PC side. But this article is (as far as I know) the most detailed info available, sadly not covering the electonics & software. http://www.scpsunlimited.com/case-studies/2016/12/22/lexus

(Leon Yuhanov) #14

@PaulStoffregen WOW they used a Teensy! That’s awesome, thank you for the project link! I have been trying to track down more details since i saw this a while back

(Marc Miller) #15

That’s cool, you can see what possibly looks like two Teensys in that second photo!
I recognize the program being used in that first photo, it’s the 3d modeling software Rhino.