Hey Ben Van Den Broeck  - look i've printed Cthulhu sized 0.25 and with

Hey @Ben_Van_Den_Broeck - look i’ve printed Cthulhu sized 0.25 and with 0.1 mm Layer Height in GlowBug Yellow. It glows in the Dark

0.1mm? wow!!!

will try one in 0.05mm tonight

@Nils_Hitze keep us updated!
What issues die you have with 0.1mm?

Was the first layer ticker?

Awesome Nils!

@Marcus_Wolschon it needed around an hour, printed with 40 mm/s for inner/outer perimeter and 50 mm/s for infill, with 10% infill and 190 Degrees. First layer was 1, will do 3 for the top layer

1 what and 3 what? mm?

Speed / Second

1mm/s ?
It’s even possible to print that slow?
On ABS I burned my own plastic at way higher speeds. Never tried such a thing with PLA.

@Marcus_Wolschon believe me , it works :slight_smile: that was the max speed of my first boostrap (pla)

I switched from 32 to 64mm/s after I tried 96mm/s and found that not to be reliable. With 1mm/s printing times would be extreme. A quick 2h print x 64 takes serveral days.

50 is ok for most uses, i tend to tune down Speed dynamically in Cura

I print almost exclusively at 120mm/s :smiley:

edit: I meant 120mm/minute

I’d be so glad if I could reach such speeds and the build-times that implies at large layer-heights.

@Marcus_Wolschon I can confirm It takes several days at that speed XD : it took me one and a half month to print the piece for a huxley (prusa)
And same, wish I could reach such speeds , even with the current machine (50mms/min ish)

If the exterior shell prints at 40, I can print .2mm at 120/mm

With what machine?

@Ben_Van_Den_Broeck what do you really mean by 120mm/s? There are so many different speeds going on in Slic3r and the firmware that I have no idea what 120mm/s is …

120mm/minute sorry. Bukobot Mini Green

Ok :slight_smile: Is it the amount of filament used every minute?