Hey All, So I've got a 40W inbound from China.

Hey All,

So I’ve got a 40W inbound from China.

While I anxiously await its arrival I’m working on getting things ready this side.

Currently 3D printing a new exhaust adapter.
Got a 5gal bucket and Distilled water
CO2 Glasses (Inbound E-Bay)

This unit is coming with CorelDraw/LaserDrw.

My basic understanding is I will be drag/dropping or pasting into LaserDrw???

Is there a preferred file format?

I’m playing around with Inkscape converting files to vector. Hope that will be useful?

Still learning…


I am still learning after 18 months,make sure add a water flow switch and fit it when it comes in,also have water tank at laser cutter level,read ,read and read some more

If you’re planning to use the CorelDraw software flow, there is a plugin that goes with that called CorelLaser. You open CorelLaser.exe & it opens CorelDraw (with the plugin toolbar active). So, you can import directly into CorelDraw then. With the version that shipped with mine (CorelDraw12) I couldn’t import SVG files, so I had to use Adobe Illustrator (.AI) files from v9 (anything newer would fail). Not sure what options there are from Inkscape, but there will be a suitable format.