Hey all- Since a lot of you guys use vfds,

(Mark Leino) #1

Hey all-

Since a lot of you guys use vfds, would anyone mind sharing their parameters for a huangyang 2.2kw that will be used primarily for cutting metal? @Brandon_Satterfield

(Mark Leino) #2

Forgot to mention it’s water cooled. Running it manually from front of panel now. Is there any way to get lower speeds with more torque for larger tools? What is the max recommended tool size? Recommended lower rpm from what I read is like 7000. It will definitely spin slower than that with the potentiometer- but I imagine the torque is low and it would heat up quickly.

(Joe Spanier) #3

what kind of metal? I typically cut aluminum around 18000 RPM’s at 30-40 IPM with a 2 flute end mill with no issues. Are you wanting to control the spindle from something other than the pot?

(Mark Leino) #4

Mostly aluminum- but I have been on a journey to build something that can cut steel as well

(Joe Spanier) #5

Keep your DOC light and you should be able to do steel with that. I know some people machining chromoly on shop bots with the high RPM and adaptive paths out of fusion so it can be done.

(Brandon Satterfield) #6

My al cutting is pretty much all the same , 15k .6 Doc 6mm/m dive 600mm/m travel. I like this cause it’s easy for me to remember.
4mm single flute.