Hey all, more questions using slic3r..

Hey all, more questions using slic3r…
I’m trying to print a screwable container however the top is too “small/snug” to screw onto the base. In ReplicatorG I just adjusted perimeter W/T to make it work. However Slic3r doesn’t have this option. What settings would I adjust?

Looks like Slic3r only let’s you scale the whole object, not just 2 axis, if you open the object in Repetier and scale it, it will allow you to scale on 2 axis (then slice in slic3r). The other program I use allows custom scaling on 1 or 2 axis.

You’d probably adjust your flow rate. Sounds like you’re simply over extruding and causing the dimensions to be out of whack.

I have done this in repetier in the past (Loaded the model using the bed population, scaled it and used the slic3r addin to slice the model)

single axis scaling is available in the bed population tool

Thanks, I finally found this page on calibration. Knew it was out there but never was able to find it again.