Hey all, Just putting the question out there...

Hey all, Just putting the question out there… has anyone else in this community had any experience with Digital Torch Height Control (DTHC). I’m now at the stage of my build that I’m going to have to tackle this section of the machine and its a bit daunting. Buying one is not an option (I’m a glutton for punishment!) so I’m looking at using an Arduino to do the controlling with a home built interface board in my modified plasma cutter. does anyone have experience with isolation amplifiers, I know that one will play a big part in keeping plasma cutter voltages away from the Arduino and the rest of the machine but there seems to be so many different ways of skinning this cat and its a little confusing.
I don’t think that this one is going to be quite as easy as the floating head to sort out but I’ve come so far so I’m not going to let it beat me.

Any ideas folks?

I’ll use a shut resistor to give me an “arc ok” signal and a potential divider to sort out the “arc voltage” monitoring but how do I go about NOT plasma cutting all the electronics in the machine?!

I don´t have experince with plasma cnc but have you searched http://www.cnczone.com?

I’ve had a quick look about on the net and got several hits on old posts on cnczone and others. seems like I’m not the only one trying to do the DTHC thing with an Arduino but not many results are posted or how to’s. I think the next stage is to post the question directly to the cnc forums and see what comes back. Oh and thanks for responding so quick bud.

Tom Caudle at CandCNC.com may have some advice. He also frequents CNCZone as “Torchhead”