Hey all, I'm running Chilipeppr with the tinyG.

Hey all,

I’m running Chilipeppr with the tinyG. I’m using it in more of a “production” style where I’m running the same program over and over for 5 hours (about every 10 minutes). It will be running fine for periods of time, but then it will just go haywire and jog completely forward at the end of a program and hit a limit switch. I then home the machine and the work offset is lost. This happens randomly about once a day.

Has anyone ever had this issue, or have any idea of what could possibly be going on?

I used to run my machine for hours, and faced the same situation as your ocassionally, I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, possibly bad USB cable or WiFi issue when using RPi connected to WiFi, I never had this issue when I switched to ethernet.

ChiliPeppr sends all the lines of Gcode with receipting to ensure they are in the correct order, so not sure if WiFi could be it. I have had issues with the M30 gcode command on TinyG though. Do you use that command?

I do end my program with M30. What would be an alternative way of ending a program… if any?

I tend to just put nothing at the end so as not to force TinyG to reset anything and because I’ve had bad luck with it.

If I left nothing that would require me to home the machine and reload the program every time though, right? Versus just loading a new work piece and pressing play.

If I’m running multiple of the same jobs and the work piece is always in a known position on each job, I don’t re-home. I just hit play and go again.

Alright so I gave that a shot. I ran the program 5 times in a row and it was working well. Then on the 6th time the program stopped on the 2nd to last line right after G0. I attached my program. Any idea of what may be causing that?

G0 G90 G94 G17
G53 Z0.

G0 Y4.
X0.0197 Y0.0197 Z0.5
G1 Z0 F7.
M3. S10000
X0.0205 Y4.4627
X0.0228 Y4.4907
X0.0267 Y4.5184
X0.0322 Y4.5459
X0.0392 Y4.5731
X0.0477 Y4.5998
X0.0577 Y4.626
X0.0692 Y4.6516
X0.0821 Y4.6765
X0.0963 Y4.7007
X0.1119 Y4.724
X0.1288 Y4.7464
X0.1469 Y4.7679
X0.1661 Y4.7882
X0.1865 Y4.8075
X0.2079 Y4.8256
X0.2303 Y4.8425
X0.2537 Y4.858
X0.2778 Y4.8723
X0.3027 Y4.8852
X0.3283 Y4.8966
X0.3545 Y4.9066
X0.3813 Y4.9152
X0.4084 Y4.9222
X0.4359 Y4.9276
X0.4637 Y4.9315
X0.4916 Y4.9339
X0.5197 Y4.9347
X7.1077 Y4.9339
X7.1357 Y4.9315
X7.1634 Y4.9276
X7.1909 Y4.9222
X7.2181 Y4.9152
X7.2448 Y4.9066
X7.271 Y4.8966
X7.2966 Y4.8852
X7.3215 Y4.8723
X7.3457 Y4.858
X7.369 Y4.8425
X7.3914 Y4.8256
X7.4129 Y4.8075
X7.4332 Y4.7882
X7.4525 Y4.7679
X7.4706 Y4.7464
X7.4875 Y4.724
X7.503 Y4.7007
X7.5173 Y4.6765
X7.5302 Y4.6516
X7.5416 Y4.626
X7.5516 Y4.5998
X7.5602 Y4.5731
X7.5672 Y4.5459
X7.5726 Y4.5184
X7.5765 Y4.4907
X7.5789 Y4.4627
X7.5797 Y4.4347
X7.5789 Y-0.0084
X7.5765 Y-0.0363
X7.5726 Y-0.0641
X7.5672 Y-0.0916
X7.5602 Y-0.1187
X7.5516 Y-0.1455
X7.5416 Y-0.1717
X7.5302 Y-0.1973
X7.5173 Y-0.2222
X7.503 Y-0.2463
X7.4875 Y-0.2697
X7.4706 Y-0.2921
X7.4525 Y-0.3135
X7.4332 Y-0.3339
X7.4129 Y-0.3531
X7.3914 Y-0.3712
X7.369 Y-0.3881
X7.3457 Y-0.4037
X7.3215 Y-0.4179
X7.2966 Y-0.4308
X7.271 Y-0.4423
X7.2448 Y-0.4523
X7.2181 Y-0.4608
X7.1909 Y-0.4678
X7.1634 Y-0.4733
X7.1357 Y-0.4772
X7.1077 Y-0.4795
X7.0797 Y-0.4803
X0.4916 Y-0.4795
X0.4637 Y-0.4772
X0.4359 Y-0.4733
X0.4084 Y-0.4678
X0.3813 Y-0.4608
X0.3545 Y-0.4523
X0.3283 Y-0.4423
X0.3027 Y-0.4308
X0.2778 Y-0.4179
X0.2537 Y-0.4037
X0.2303 Y-0.3881
X0.2079 Y-0.3712
X0.1865 Y-0.3531
X0.1661 Y-0.3339
X0.1469 Y-0.3135
X0.1288 Y-0.2921
X0.1119 Y-0.2697
X0.0963 Y-0.2463
X0.0821 Y-0.2222
X0.0692 Y-0.1973
X0.0577 Y-0.1717
X0.0477 Y-0.1455
X0.0392 Y-0.1187
X0.0322 Y-0.0916
X0.0267 Y-0.0641
X0.0228 Y-0.0363
X0.0205 Y-0.0084
X0.0197 Y0.0197

G53 Z0.

Maybe try no g53’s? Odd though. Nothing jumps out at me