Hey all. I'm currently designing a power system for my next project and I

(Evan Bruno) #1

Hey all. I’m currently designing a power system for my next project and I figured I would ask this question. Has anyone ever had any issues with leaving a terminal style power supply powered on for extended periods of time? I’m currently planning on using relays to distribute power to my leds, and the power supply will be hidden, but will always be powered with 110v. This is going to be a gift for my parents for Christmas and I don’t want to also give the gift of homelessness and a free visit from the firefighters.

(dave windsor) #2

What do you mean by terminal style and I would think any power supply should be ok for extended use

(Evan Bruno) #3

The kind where there are screw terminals for the connections.

(Evan Bruno) #4

And I know it should be fine. I’m just wondering if anyone has had any issues with them that I should consider

(dave windsor) #5

Hi ok I know the ones I have had no experience with these but hoping to get one for next years display so would be watching this now maybe getting a cooling fan on case to keep it cool unless one is fitted

(JP Roy) #6

Hi @Evan_Bruno been running a clock for about 2 years continuously with a 5V/20A PSU no problems at all but in my case when the clock is in normal mode it draws maybe 3 amps out of that 20A PSU so it is running very very cool !!!
If you are near the limit of you PSU, it may get a bit hot and then you may start worrying about longevity!

(Evan Bruno) #7

Yea, 90% of the time the power supply will only be powering it’s on board led. I am also planning on using more than one that will cut down the load when it is in use. I have had those things spark and fry usually when powered for the first time. I am just wondering on failures in use.

(Juergen Bruegl) #8

Back in the days linear transformer-based power supplies were notorious to fail. They had considerable energy loss even when powered up but not supplying power. Today’s switched-mode power supplies are much more efficient and there should be no issue with your installation. Just allow some heat dissipation.

(allanGEE) #9

I would think it’s more about the quality of the power supply than anything else. They typical house is full of power that stays on 24/7. Wall warts for phones… clocks… water softeners… my desktop computer has been powered up for about four years now. As long as the load isn’t pushing the limits of the supply, I can’t foresee and problem. As long as it’s not located someplace where the vacuum is going to run it over, or the cat is going to lick it.